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Want to write a book and publish, but don’t know how to start and end. Don’t worry, you have reached the right place. Your one stop solution for all your publishing need is here, Our expert guidance will help you navigate the self-publishing process from manuscript to finished Printed book, to online sales setup through major retailers!


Our services includes:


  • Rewriting/Editing
  • Layout and typesetting
  • Cover design
  • Allocation of ISBN & Barcode
  • Printing Your Books
  • Distribution management


FAQ for Publishing 


Q: I want to publish a book; but I don’t know how to initiate and publish finally?

Ans: Your one-stop solution for all your publishing needs take full shape with us at Our expert guidance will help you to complete your publishing process successfully.


Q: What is my first step to begin my publishing process?

Ans: Visit our website and enter your requirements in Guided Publishing. We will follow you through mail and mobile to complete your publication requirement by our hassle-free expertise service.


Q: What are the publication support provided by your publication?

Ans: By getting your manuscript in either hard copy or soft copy, we shall deliver your finished printed books and online sales setup through major retailers...!


Q: What is the uniqueness of your publication?

Ans: Our well-experienced ‘Publication Team’ will assist you in publishing your book in print and e-book formats. It’s a simple step-by-step process for you to choose from our range of services offered at nominal costs.


Q: How do we contact you and assign our publishing work?

Ans: Kindly mail to and call us  @ +91 96888 44411. Our Publication Team will contact you for further assistance.


Q: What are the steps followed while processing my work?


Step 1: Send your publication requirement details through by paying Re. 1 /- only 

Step 2: Formal proposal (rough estimate) will be sent to your mail.

Step 3: Our Publication Team  gets in touch with you for additional details.

Step 4: Send your manuscript/ soft copy to our mail.

Step 5: Exact quotation will be sent with our terms and conditions.

Step 6: We wait for your final approval. 

Step 7: Order created and payment link sent after getting your approval.

Step 8: Payment acknowledgement would be sent.

Step 9: Books will be dispatched.


Q: What is your contact details?

Ans:email :

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