• PP (Polypropylene) printing process generally utilises CMYK or 4 color printing in offset platform with polypropylene sheets being used as substrates. Synthetic files, a composition of polypropylene is waterproof and tear-proof with high durability. 
  • Printing onto PP can be done in a number of ways depending on the product required. Printing onto rigid plastic sheets is usually done on a special litho press set up for UV printing. 
  • Unlike conventional printing presses, UV printing onto plastics requires special inks and chemicals as well as an ultra violet drying unit. 
  • Now-a-days, almost all the hospitals employ PP file maintenance on every patient as the files are non-tearable, non-scratchy and everlasting. Moreover, the detailing of the hospitals on the PP files become the best marketing medium about their dispensaries. 
  • We print on high-quality paper stock that won't easily smudge or tear.
  • All your documents are printed with latest production printers and automated finishing machines in a professional and linear processes

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