Brochures are the flagships of promotional literature. A brochure must be of top quality since its job is to help promote a company or organization by showcasing its products, services and other offerings. So a brochure must employ design elements that project an image of high-quality and professionalism.

Unlike a simple flyer, a brochure contains multiple panels or pages of information. These panels or pages may be created by a variety of folds, or from multiple sheets bound together in booklet form. Also, a brochure is generally constructed from heavier weight paper. This is done not just to enhance the perception of quality but also because a brochure should be more durable, since it will be kept around for a while and referred to. In addition, many brochures use special creative features to further enhance the image of quality and trust such as pages may contain embossed, foil-stamped, or spot-coated areas for emphasis.

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